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What is meant by outplacement?

So what is meant by outplacement?

If you’re a florist, a doctor or a cleaner, you get immediately understood.

Not in my case!

I find I am greeted with confused looks from almost everyone when I mention I am in the business of outplacement.

Many people get confused with outplacement vs outsourcing or outplacement vs recruitment.

So what is meant by outplacement?

Outplacement is an employer-provided benefit provided to help departing employees make a smooth and timely career transition. Outplacement support is offered by employers interested in giving their exiting employees the care, counselling, tools, discipline and motivation to find new careers.

Employees most often receiving outplacement services are exiting their employers, as a result of being laid off.

Lay-offs are most often a result of a decision to make the role redundant due to four main drivers:

  1. technology replacement (from a payroll manager to a payroll system);
  2. outsourcing a function (from having an inbound sales team to a call centre);
  3. offshoring a function to (from employing a secretarial pool in a law firm to it being provided in a lower cost economy);
  4. and mergers and acquisitions (where roles are superfluous given their duplication).

Outplacement services typically include career choice support, cover letter and resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, job search guidance, interview preparation, networking help, emotional support and career coaching.

Outplacement services can be structured to offer support in a group format or one-on-one sessions, in the outplacement firm’s office or delivered via coursework online.

Outplacement is not about directly finding new employment. For employees who may have been laid off because they have skills or experiences that are out of date in the workplace, outplacement often focuses on identifying ways to translate those skills to the current workplace or to find a new career path and relevant training.

Why Offer Outplacement Services?

Employers of choice provide outplacement services because they are constantly aware of the impact of their actions on their current and future employees.

In a practical sense, employers offer outplacement to

  1. Protect their reputations as desirable employers, to head off potential lawsuits and, in the instance where a lawsuit is filed, demonstrate that they have behaved responsibly towards the departing employee, thereby limiting the risk of significant damages being awarded.
  2. Demonstrate they are true to their values, by supporting and caring for their employees across the whole of the employee life cycle – even at the point of departure.
  3. Show to their current employees that they do the right thing by their former colleagues and should the time come, the same dignified treatment would be extended to them.

Greg Weiss is the Founder of Career365 (formerly CareerSupport365) is a leading Australian employee transitioning firm, specialising in outplacement and employee onboarding.

Greg has authored 2 books about career transitioning and is soon to release a third.

HR Leaders report a business sentiment downturn

HR leaders report business sentiment is on a downward trend, according to research from my firm, Career365*. The research, from 312 HR Managers and other executives revealed the bushfires that ravaged Australia all Summer, as well as the coronavirus outbreak, are starting to have an impact on sentiment issues.

A solid 58% of all respondents said that business conditions were worse because of the bushfires but of major concern was that 84% felt the impact of the coronavirus would be significant.

Perhaps encouragingly, but at the same time surprisingly, 95% of respondents stated they felt their staffing levels would remain the same in the next three to six months.

The industries which reflected the most pessimistic sentiment were:

·    Retail

·    Hospitality

·    Travel

·    Entertainment

Sectors that reflected more robust sentiment were:

·    online businesses and

·    medical devices.

One head of HR who works within the hospitality sector, with outlets across Australia estimated their business was down by 25% since the coronavirus hit. If that persisted, then it would be inevitable that staff layoffs would have to take place.

Her view was echoed by a luxury retailer whose head of HR said they were concerned about revenues, given much of their client base was reliant on Chinese/Asian tourists.

However, the Head of HR of an online retailer was less concerned. Their view was that they worry about the spread of the coronavirus would encourage more people to shop from their homes.

The results of the sentiment survey are in line with recent statements from Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 6 Feb 2020, warning of a "significant impact on the Australian economy" from the coronavirus as seafood businesses fear they will have to close their doors.

So far the virus is costing tourism $1 billion a month and damaging other industries too due to a lack of more than 106,000 international students.

Career365 (formerly CareerSupport365) is a leading Australian employee transitioning firm, specialising in outplacement and employee onboarding.

Motivation at Work and Why It’s Not About the Money.

Mike thought he’d been working towards his dream career. After all, he held a senior role in a high-profile organisation. Along with the power and prestige, this afforded him, Mike enjoyed perks like a high salary and an office with a beautiful view.

From the outside, it seemed like Mike had it all.

But, some concerns were starting to cloud Mike’s happiness and one day, he realised that this so-called dream career actually felt more like he’d sold his soul.

Following a company restructure, his core values no longer seemed to align with those of his employer, and the opportunities for professional development he had been working towards had suddenly been taken off the table.

When he broached his concerns with his wife, she told him in no uncertain terms that he could not leave his job or take a pay cut because their lifestyle would suffer too much.

Mike increasingly felt trapped and was too scared to make any changes to his career.

This unhappiness ended up seeping into his personal life, to the point where he lost everything important to him.

Can you relate to Mike’s situation?

Have you ever felt like you’ve sold your soul?

Money and prestige only get you so far

Salary, working conditions and additional perks are what Frederick Herzberg refers to as hygiene factors. In the context of work, these are the tangible environmental factors, that help to make a job more comfortable to do.

It can be tempting to believe that a job with good hygiene factors is enough. But unfortunately, job satisfaction relies on more than fulfilled hygiene factors, because these don’t address any of your higher-level needs and motivations.

An enriched career maximises your motivating factors 

Motivating factors are intangible in the context of work, and it is these that govern whether you find a job satisfying and meaningful. They include:

  • Achievement
  • The challenge of the work itself
  • The recognition you receive
  • Opportunities for growth, advancement and responsibility

This means that when looking for an enriched career, you need to look beyond the salary or the fancy office. When considering your satisfaction at your current job, or a new opportunity, ask yourself:

  • Is it meaningful to you?
  • Is it going to give you a chance to develop?
  • Will you learn new things?
  • Will you have the opportunity for recognition and achievement?
  • Will you be given responsibility?

Of course, motivating factors can look different from one person to the next. That’s because individuals may prefer to be recognised in different ways, or perceive opportunities for growth differently.

That’s why it’s essential to invest time to figure out what motivates you at work, and the type of career most likely to maximise those factors for you.


Greg Weiss is The Career Rescuer.

As Australia’s foremost outplacement and career support coach, Greg has helped more than 1000 people relaunch, pivot, and accelerate their careers.

Greg also advises some of Australia’s most respected companies navigate the crucial transition of onboarding and exiting employees.

With more than three decades of top-level experience, Greg works with both employers and employees to reduce the risky and emotional fallout of change in the workplace.

As Founder and Director of CareerSupport365, Greg has helped everyone from early graduates to CEOs.

Greg has also written two books helping people rescue their careers. See and

I take pleasure in hosting a podcast providing practical tips for employers ► The Keep: The Employee Experience podcast, featured here

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