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Standing Out: Why Soft Skills in the Workplace Matter

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Solving Career Confusion 2RRR radio interview

I was delighted to recently feature as the guest on 2RRR Meaningful Monday Show, which is about self-empowerment and raising people's awareness to live their best life. I chat with Jeanine Sciacca and Clare Williamson on solving career confusion and my book So You're Career Confused! WTF is Next?

Listen here on LinkedIn 📻🎧

Outplacement: 5 ways to future proof your business uncertain times

At a glance, “outplacement services” means providing career support to outgoing employees - usually in the form of third-party programs, most often after:

a)   an employee has been made redundant (in 90 per cent of cases)

b)   let go after failure to thrive following a performance improvement program (in 5 per cent of cases), or

c)   let go plainly because of poor hire and fit (in 5 per cent of cases).

But there’s also a hidden depth of meaning that outplacement services have for an employer’s reputation.

In fact, there are five ways that offering outplacement services to outgoing employees can provide damage control.

1. Outplacement services mean the talent pipeline is preserved

Despite having a non-disparagement clause in their severance packages, many people still rate their former employer on websites like Glassdoor and Seek anonymously. And when people are hurting from being asked to move on, the negative rants they post pose a big reputational problem to employers.

Websites like Glassdoor and Seek hold enormous sway with the well-connected and informed Millennial. So, when prospective employees are considering two organisations, they might look to sites like this to find out what an employer is “really” like. Any negative reviews are going to impact the talent pipeline of the employer because prospective employees are going to be put off by them.

But outplacement programs are proven to help mitigate any negative feelings former employees have and make it 90 per cent less likely they will post these rants online.

2. Outplacement services protect your brand reputation

But, protecting your reputation as an employer, isn’t just about maintaining the pipeline for new talent. It’s also about how you appear in the public eye.

It makes good business sense to do everything possible to prevent people from speaking ill of your brand - especially in today’s world where social impact is so prevalent. People talk and it doesn’t take much for bad news to reach business partners, vendors and customers alike: whether that’s online media, social media or just plain old-fashioned gossip.

The good news is, Career365 research found that “95 percent of people would have felt ‘far less inclined’ to post adverse comments about their own former employers,” if offered an outplacement program.

At the first meeting with a new participant in our outplacement program, I always give kudos to the employer. I explain to the employee that their former employer is being immensely helpful in providing the support they aren’t legally required to, thereby helping to reinforce the employer’s reputation.

3. Providing outplacement services improves chances with alumni or boomerang employees

Imagine your company let too many people go when faced with a downturn. And you suddenly needed to refill your staffing capacity.

Where would you turn?

You’d probably like to go back to your former employees first (the alumni).


Because it’s a faster learning curve, and there’s a lower onboarding investment.

If treated well when let go, and put through an outplacement program, they are more likely to return to your organisation, and become a ‘boomerang employee’. When outplacement programs help employees leave with a positive impression, it’s good for them, but it’s also good for the future hiring prospects of the employer.

4. Outplacement services mean existing employees stay engaged

Bottom line – no-one wants to see former colleagues treated unfairly. If treated well, via an outplacement program, this mitigates damage to the brand and the employer’s reputation with current employees.

They’ll feel like the employer approached the situation as fairly as possible and are confident that they would be treated equally as well should the circumstances ever arise.

5. Providing outplacement services helps you be an employer of choice

For this point, let’s consider how the legal industry hires. For example, legal firms may choose to hire the top 20% of students. But, if one of the firms doesn’t have a good track record across the entire employee life cycle, those “cream of the crop” students may not be interested in working with them.

After all, it’s not just about the onboarding process and how employees are treated throughout their employment, it’s also about what goes on at the backend if things don’t work out. Using outplacement programs means prospective employees know they will be looked after at all stages of their employment and they’ll want to work for you.

Why not protect your reputation before it takes a hit? Offering outplacement programs to outgoing employees means proactively managing not just how they see you, but how your existing employees and the rest of the world does too.

Greg Weiss has authored 2 books about career transitioning and is soon to release a third. He has deep expertise in outplacement and employee onboarding. He is the Founder of Career365 (formerly CareerSupport365) is a leading Australian employee transitioning firm, specialising in outplacement and employee onboarding.

3 Reasons Why It Is Worthwhile Investing in Outplacement Services

3 Reasons Why It Is Worthwhile Investing in Outplacement Services

Employers of Choice provide outplacement services to their departing employees, but other ‘less sophisticated’ employers often either do not provide it, or they consider outplacement as a grudge purchase.

First off: what do outplacement services do?

Outplacement is an employer-provided benefit provided to help departing employees make a smooth and timely career transition. Outplacement support is offered by employers interested in giving their exiting employees the care, counselling, tools, discipline and motivation to find new careers.

Employees most often receiving outplacement services are exiting their employers, as a result of being laid off.

Here are 3 reasons why employers should invest in outplacement services for departing employees, rather than exiting them without any career transitioning support help.

Reason 1 - Why employers should invest in outplacement services

Your Current Employees and your former employees are your best advocates

Even though employees may sign their severance agreements, they usually don't feel happy to be let go, regardless of circumstances. They might feel any or all of mad, sad, embarrassed, and/or ‘shell shocked’.

Those feelings decline in their intensity and a whole lot sooner for departing employees who have been provided outplacement support and find that next chapter in their career more quickly. This helps to reduce mental health problems for the individual, their families and society generally.

The benefit of providing outplacement services can be long-lasting.

One of our clients in the media and content area, who repeatedly asked us to support their departing employees with outplacement services said to me: “Greg, we are laying off many of our people. However, they didn’t ask for this to happen to them. And they are people we cared to hire and continue to employ, up until now. I want everyone to feel that if we ever reach out to them because we need to re-hire them in whatever capacity, that we can. This is an increasingly small world.”

Reason 2 why employers should invest in outplacement support

Your Ex-Employees Talk To Others 

Former colleagues continue to keep in touch with each other, regardless.

What’s more common nowadays is that they may be tempted to post off employer rating sites like Glassdoor or Seek. Millennials are the most informed generation ever. With 75 per cent of the workforce projected to comprise of Millennials by 2025, expect them to make snappy decisions about their prospective employers from what they read online, good or bad.

One HR Director who hired us to help with outplacement told me, “Regardless of them leaving our company, they still have colleagues here. They will rely on them as references. I know those who signed our severance agreed not to damage our reputation or take legal action against us. But they still talk to others. I want everyone to speak positively about the way we treated them. It will come back to us one “way or the other. We have the power to make it a positive boomerang not one that damages us!”

Reason 3 why employers should invest in outplacement support services

Investing In Departing Employees Means Showing a Duty of Care

While investing in outplacement support services shows you care about them, it also sends a message to those remaining in the business too. “It says that the company cares about you throughout your entire employee life cycle.

It reinforces group cohesion with your current staff and shows them how their employer responds to difficult circumstances in a decent way and positive manner.

Social responsibility counts, and it counts even more with Millennials who are proven to be more invested in organisations that value social impact.

But providing outplacement services also means a lot to people who are at the tail end of their career, who are more likely find it harder to get a new job. Despite all the legislation that is designed to reduce age bias, there is subtle ageism out there. By providing older exiting employees with outplacement support services, they are given the support and connection with a caring career coach whom they can turn to for advice, a shoulder to lean on and insight, they otherwise would not have.


Laid-off employees need more than just the proverbial ‘pink slip with severance pay’ attached to it. They need real support to help them determine their next chapter in their career and new employment opportunities.

Outplacement solutions are a great way to transition employees to a new future, show that you care about your staff while maintaining your reputation, image, demonstrating your values all the way through the employee life cycle.

Greg Weiss has authored 2 books about career transitioning and is soon to release a third. He has deep expertise in outplacement and employee onboarding. He is the Founder of Career365 (formerly CareerSupport365) is a leading Australian employee transitioning firm, specialising in outplacement and employee onboarding.

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