CareerSupport365 provides the innovative combination of individual and tailored career coaching for departing and transitioning employees with contemporary and practical online modules.


CareerSupport365 | Individual and tailored career coaching vs group workshops

Individual and tailored career coaching vs group workshops

CareerSupport365 provides each Participant with tailored, one-on-one career coaching, regardless of the experience and seniority of the Participants.

CareerSupport365 | 365 days support

365 days support

Rather than a program being just for 30 days, every Participant on CareerSupport365 gets access to their outplacement service for 365 days. This means that Participants can complete a 6-month contract and resume their outplacement program, with thanks to you.

CareerSupport365 | No need to commute to an office

No need to commute to an office

CareerSupport365 makes it incredibly easy for Participants to engage and use our outplacement services. Hardly no-one wants to commute across town anymore for the same experience they can get from the convenience of their own home or local café.

CareerSupport365 | Works for remote Participants

Works for remote Participants

CareerSupport365 has helped people regardless of their location – being of equal benefit to people in Broome or Bondi, Albury or Auckland, Maroochydore or Melbourne.

CareerSupport365 | Convenient coaching

Convenient coaching

Each participant gets a tailored roadmap which they can navigate in the ease of their own home, library or café, without the need to commute across town.

About 95 percent of Participants choose to be career coached via video conferencing. Don’t think that works? Consider the popularity and acceptance of Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and GoToMeeting.

CareerSupport365 | High engagement

High engagement

It’s known that 70 percent of people who are provided traditional office based outplacement services drop out before they even turn up for their first session.

CareerSupport365 | Practical content

Practical content

Our content gives Participants pragmatic tips and insights to get them reemployed quickly.

CareerSupport365 | Protects your employer brand

Protects your employer brand

By providing outplacement, CareerSupport365 helps you protect your employer brand and reputation, which is smart business due tho the increasing proliferation of Seek Company Reviews and Glassdoor – the equivalent to Tripadvisor for employers.

CareerSupport365 | Upholds your values

Upholds your values

CareerSupport365 allows you to provide outplacement services to all your departing employees, and uphold your values regardless of their location and seniority.

CareerSupport365 | Can be provided to all exiting employees

Can be provided to all exiting employees

While about 90 percent of employers provide CareerSupport365 outplacement services to employees who have been laid off, around 10 percent are to those who have also been exited because of poor fit and a performance improvement program.

CareerSupport365 | Saves you money

Saves you money

CareerSupport365 provides practical and valuable content and coaching to Participants. Yet because we deliver mostly online, we can drive the cost of outplacement without compromising on the results.

CareerSupport365 | Proven results

Proven results

Many of Australasia’s leading employers trust CareerSupport365 to look after their departing employees. Like us, they believe that everyone should have access to career transition support. Anywhere. Anytime.