8 reasons why employers choose CareerSupport365 for their departing employees:

  1. Innovative and Affordable Solutions

    Unlike traditional outplacement programs, we don’t price in expensive office rental, or the cost of commuting for our coaches. Instead, Participants enjoy their outplacement programs and coaching via the Internet – anywhere, anytime.

  2. Our Programs Last for 365 days

    Traditional outplacement solutions often expire after 30 – 60 days. Regardless of the package that you provide your departing staff, Participants enjoy access to our programs for 365 days.

  3. Contemporary Content for Relaunching Careers

    Our course modules were designed by collaborating with a team of experts who have 120 years experience amongst them. Course modules help Participants learn how to: re-launch their career quickly; develop and maintain their unique Personal Brand; improve job interview techniques; build an attractive LinkedIn profile, résumé and cover letter and much, much more.

  4. Health Checks

    Participants get immediate pointers on where they need to focus their attention to re-launch. The sooner they can have an attractive and well-structured résumé, LinkedIn profile, and interview technique, the quicker they can re-launch their career.

  5. Upholds Your Values / Protects Your Employer Brand and Reputation

    As our range of Packages are within any budget, you can uphold your desire to look after all the employees you are letting go and at the same time protect your employer brand and reputation.

  6. Blended Online Courses Coupled with Tangible Advice from Experienced Career Coaches

    Each Participant is provided time with experienced career coaches. Participants receive practical points for improvement such as tips leading up to a crucial interview, on résumé and LinkedIn profile structure, and other matters that help to re-launch the Participant’s career.

  7. Reminder/Encouragement to Complete the Course Modules

    We send each Participant timely and helpful reminders via SMS and email designed to encourage their completion of course modules and re-launch their careers.

  8. Affiliation Network

    Participants can be introduced to a network of recruitment firms that are relevant to their individual career aspirations.

How We Protect Your Employer Brand and Reputation


  • Provide Outplacement For ALL Your Employees

    Traditional outplacement model works for a certain style of person or for people in an echelon of the organization’s hierarchy. However, because of its pricing, many departing employees are more often excluded from getting some form of career support as they leave.

    CareerSupport365 provides the solution to this.

  • So Affordable That All Your Departing Employees Can Now Be Supported

    CareerSupport365 packages are structured to be so affordable that ALL your departing employees can now be given outplacement support.

    We offer you a range of Packages which provide access to CareerSupport365’s 8 core course modules as well as different levels of Career Coaching support.

  • Continue To Show You Care About All Your Employees

    It’s the right thing to treat people well as they are leaving your organization. While employees are looked after during their employment life cycle, it’s often toward the end of their career with an employer that they are not treated well. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing, too. CareerSupport365 makes it easy for you to look after any employee that is leaving your organization – whether they are being laid off, due to retrenchment, redundancy or they just haven’t worked out.

  • Protect Your Employer Brand And Reputation

    There are websites like GlassdoorThe Vault, and Yelp that encourage former employees to post comments on what it was like to work at an employer.

    These sites are based on User Generated Content (UGC). You’ve visited sites that use UGC like App Stores. If the rating is questionable, like 3 stars, you feel hesitant to buy that app. It’s the same with UGC ratings about your employer.

    • Reduced candidate flow
    • Poor engagement amongst your existing employees
    • Higher risk of new client acquisition and retention

    CareerSupport365 makes it easy for you to reduce the risk of badly impacting your employer brand.

  • Design Optional Company Branded Portal

    You might like the idea of having your own customized portal to CareerSupport365 course modules. If you do, we can create this portal, with your own logo and corporate identity. Please speak to us about this.

Learn how CareerSupport365 enables you to preserve your brand and reputation. We provide convenient, innovative outplacement for the Participant – proceed affordably so that all your departing employees can be given support.